Triceps Roll

17th Secondary -- Triceps Roll
Use this SMR exercise AFTER you do the Lats Roll and the Pecs Roll (or one of the Pecs Press alternatives). 

This SMR exercise addresses one of the 16 muscles attached to your shoulder blade, the long head of the triceps. 

If you have trouble with pain in your elbow and the back of your shoulder, or trouble lifting your biceps to your ear, then this exercise is for you!

Keep in mind that if your latissimus dorsi (back muscle) is tight, it will keep you from raising your arm overhead without A LOT of effort.

When your pecs (chest muscles) are too tight, they will make it difficult to raise your arms overhead.

You will likely benefit from loosening knots in the triceps, but be sure you stretch out the lats & pecs or your issue is likely to come right back.

You should do this movement at least once every 2 weeks. (more often is better)
For written instructions, click here to download a printable PDF of the Triceps Roll

For our downloadable video instruction, click here (video from 2010--updated video is in the works!)

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2 thoughts on “Triceps Roll”

  1. Jeff,
    I am a new member and love these videos. I am extremely tight all over my body so I am hoping the SMR stuff will help me move more freely………

    I find it much easier to do this tricep head grab while kneeling in front of a table instead of laying on the floor. Perhaps my back tightness makes it more difficult to do on the floor. Will I get the same benefit by kneeling in front of the table and using the exact same movements as you describe? Thanks.

    1. John,

      Yes, kneeling instead of lying down is fine for now. Eventually you should be able to lie down and allow the weight of your arm to press into the roller without you supporting yourself at all. This will allow you to more completely address your triceps muscle tissue, as you will activate at least a little bit as you support yourself in an upright or kneeling position. You want to focus on ‘turning off’ as many muscles as possible when doing SMR and allow gravity and time to do the work for you. Movement helps you address any adhesions, pressure and time help you address trigger points, contraction knots, etc.

      Good luck!


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