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  1. Hey you guys

    I wanted to send you an invite to our 1 year BBQ and workout but I don’t have your email. Buy the way I’m Melissa from cfnb brother.

    1. Robert, thank you for your registration. I will see to it that you receive the discount. All that hard work is valuable and my wife and I appreciate your service. I must wait a day or two before I can process your refund on the full registration (server limitations with the card processing).

      Watch for that discount later this week, and THANK YOU for your service!

      See you in May.

  2. Hi Jeff! I just messaged you on facebook about coming to the Sept cert. Unfortunately I do have to work. =( I tried to purcahse the digitial and hardcopy bundle but got an error message. Also can I get that bundle plus the tools you give out at the cert? Figure if I can’t be there at least I can learn some things on my own!

    1. Lisa, we can definitely work something out. I’m packing for Dallas right now, but I will look into the error on the site and get you a solution over the weekend. I will also be in touch through FaceBook regarding scheduling a private appointment.

      Thanks for your interest. I’ll be in touch over the weekend!


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