SMR & Training Terms

We use the following terms in our workout notes. Some of these notes are unique to us, and not endorsed by other organizations (e.g., PSU = push up). This is to avoid confusion when reading the workouts, so that no acronym is used more than once (CrossFit uses PU for pull up or push up). If we find one acronym or note is less clear than a different one, we will alter the list below. We will add links for each item to provide more detail as time and resources allow. Happy training!

SMR Programming

Quads Roll - Quadriceps Roll, the first Primary SMR Technique
Adds Roll - Adductors Roll, the second Primary SMR Technique
Lats Roll - Lats Roll, the third Primary SMR Technique

Workout Programming

AMRAP - as many rounds/reps as possible
m - meter
min - minute
WOD - workout of the day
SWOD - strength/skill/speed workout of the day
KB - kettle bell
kg - kilogram
# - pounds
BW - body weight (do the prescribed exercise with a load equal to your body weight)

Stretches, Warm Up & Recovery Terms

SMR - self myofascial release (rolling out with balls & rollers)
BWU - Burgener warm up (set of 6 specific Oly lifting prep movements)
PT - Pass Thrus
ATW - Around the Worlds
GATW - Giant Around the Worlds
GM - Good Mornings
IW - Inchworms
SIW - Stationary Inchworms
LL - Lateral Lunges
SL - Super Lunges
SCP - Scorpions - quads, hip, core & shoulder stretch
CO - Crossovers - hamstrings, hip & lower back stretch
CT - Core Twist
SSK - Sumo Squat Knees (stretch in which you push out against your thighs with your elbows)
SST - sumo squat Toes (stretch in which you hold your toes as you straighten your legs)

Body Movement

Burpee - Burpee - fom a standing postion lower torso to ground to make contact with ribcage, rise, jump & clap while feet are off the ground
PU - Pull Up
MU - Muscle Up
BMU - Bar Muscle Up
PSU - Push Up
AS - Air Squat
SU - Sit Up
HS - Hand Stand
HSKU - Hand Stand Kick Up
HSPU - Hand Stand Push Up
HSWU - Hand Stand Walk Up
DU - Double Unders - jumprope, 2 turns per hop
JR - Jump Rope
BJ - Box Jumps

Olympic Lifts

Clean - Full Squat Clean
C&J - Clean & Jerk
PC - Power Clean
HC - Hang Clean
HPC - Hang Power Clean
PP - Push Press
PJ - Push Jerk
SJ - Split Jerk
Sn - Snatch
PSn - Power Snatch
HSn - Hang Snatch
HPSn - Hang Power Snatch
SSn - Split Snatch
SnBal - Snatch Balance

Weightlifting OTHER than Oly Lifts

TGU - Turkish Get Up
DL - Deadlift
OHS - Overhead Squat
FS - Front Squat
BS - Back Squat
P/SP/SP - Press/Strict Press/Shoulder Press
BP - Bench Press
WB - Wall Ball
MBC - Medicine Ball Clean, usually with a Dynamax medicine ball

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