Privacy Policy Page

We collect information from you for the purpose of training you and improving how we train others only. We NEVER sell or release any of your information to any business, person, or entity without your prior written expressed permission. We NEVER keep any financial data on file such as credit card or checking account information, as we do not wish to add any risk to your financial house.

During our workshops or training sessions we may take pictures to show what others might expect to encounter with us. If at any time you do not wish for us to post your picture or if you discover a picture that you would prefer for us not to share (maybe it doesn't show your 'good side'), we will remove it at once! Your comfort with how we represent you is prominent in our minds. We want you to focus on pushing yourself hard in our workouts. Our goal is to provide a fun place to learn SMR exercises and self-care while respecting your privacy.

Come. Connect. Share. We will respect your level of privacy and not share anything you wish to remain private.

If you need us for any privacy-related matter, or just to say "hi," you can reach us at

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