Pop Press

2nd Extended -- Pop Press

Use this SMR exercise AFTER the Quads Roll and either the Single Quads Press or the Double Quads Press

This SMR exercise is to address the popliteus, a muscle deep in the back of your knee.

If you release the knots close to your knee in your quads, you might not even need to do this SMR exercise to release the tightness you feel in the back of your knee.

Use the ball to get into the space high on the back of your knee to work on the deeper knots that nag at you and never seem to release with stretching and other SMR techniques.

If you have tightness and discomfort in the back of your knee, then this exercise is likely to help. (But don't forget to loosen your quads! Tightness there probably caused tightness in the back of your knee.)
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