Foot Roll

2nd Secondary -- Foot Roll
Use this SMR exercise to address the muscles in the bottom of your foot. If you have trouble with heel pain, fallen arches, claw/hammer toes, or just about any other discomfort or dysfunction in your foot, then this exercise is for you!

There are 11 muscles in the foot with 8 muscles on the bottom separated into 4 different layers. Start with light, slow movements. Address one foot at a time if necessary.

Gradually increase the pressure, but try not to roll quickly through the muscles in the bottom of your foot if you are interested in addressing the deeper layers (you'll be wasting your time).

Let your pain threshold guide you to back off when you apply too much pressure.

The best time to do this SMR exercise is just after a hot bath or shower, when your muscles are all warmed up.

You should do this movement at least once every 2 weeks. (more often is better)
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For our downloadable video instruction, click here (video from 2010--updated video is in the works!)

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