Piriformis Roll

7th Secondary -- Piriformis Roll
Use this SMR exercise to address the muscles in the back of your hips. 

This SMR exercise is a variation of the Piriformis Press technique to address the lateral rotators of the hip. You may find this exercise easier.

If the Piriformis Press is too intense to work with, then practice the Piriformis Roll to more gently work out the "junk" in your buns. It may take a month or two to help your muscles along to become healthy enough to handle the Secondary technique (which is the preferred standard SMR technique for the piriformis).

You probably won't notice knots in your buns when you are just walking around, but you may have a deep ache in one or more of the other muscles "back there." The gluteus maximus (and the other posterior hip muscles) is involved in any movement using the hips. When parts of it lock up, proper hip function is compromised. You will notice a 'lightness' with body movements if you release any knots in your glutes.
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