Glute Med Press

23rd Extended -- Glute Med Press

Use this SMR exercise AFTER the Quads Roll, the Adductors Roll

This SMR exercise is to address knots in the gluteus medius, a muscle in the upper & outer portion of the hip. 

If you have general tightness or discomfort in the lower 'cheek' area of the outside of your hip, then this exercise is likely to help. 

If you skip the first 2 SMR exercises for the muscle in the front and inside regions of your thigh, there is a strong likelihood of your hip discomfort coming right back.

DON'T skip your hip flexors, quads & adductors when dealing with hip pain.
(Your center quad & adductor muscles greatly contribute to proper hip function.)

You should do this SMR exercise at least once every 2 weeks. (more often is usually better)

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For video instructions (3:18), click here. (Updated video coming soon!)

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