Straddle Press

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16) Straddle Pressclick here

This stretch is a "stepping stone" stretch to allow more flexion and abduction of the hips. It is also potentially dangerous to your lower and mid-back if you force your arms to the floor. The objective is to lean forward and gently "press" your elbows down, while minding the level of tension it takes to touch the ground with your arms. As you get more flexible you should gradually walk your elbows farther forward from your body. At no point is this movement intended to take force on your part to actually touch the ground with your arms...allow them to gradually make contact. If you practice this stretch properly you should notice an easier time touching the ground with your arms and no tightness or discomfort in your core or back. As this stretch gets easier all the other Straddle stretches also get easier.

Video coming soon.

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