Pictured above is the semitendonosis. It is one of the two internal hamstring muscles that attaches just below the inside of your knee.

The leg on the right has the semitendonosis labeled. The leg on the left displays all the muscles you can address on the back of your thigh in portions of the region of the semitendonosis. All of the muscles in the left leg are see-through so that you can appreciate the location and size of each muscle relative to the others. You can access individual muscle detail for the hamstings and all the other muscles in the body with our Coach membership.

Click here for a list of all the muscles.

Click here to view the hamstrings all together.

Additional hamstring muscles you might be interested in:

  1. Biceps Femoris
  2. Semitendonosis
  3. Semimembranosis

Good luck working out those tight knots.

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