Double QL Press

28th Extended -- QL Press -- Double Ball
Use this SMR exercise AFTER the Quads Roll, the Lats Roll, and in compliment with the Psoas Press (either immediately before or after). 

This SMR exercise is to address the deep knots in your lower back (primarily the quadratus lumborum muscle), and is an alternative to the QL Press

If you have tightness or discomfort in your lower back, then this exercise is likely to help.
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2 thoughts on “Double QL Press”

  1. I get lower back pain just above the Glutes on both sides. Squating, jumping and other movements are fine. Running Glutes tighten up. Any ideas on how to relieve?

    1. Gary, your iliopsoas group is probably severely tight. Do the cobra stretch from Yoga (lie on your stomach and push your chest off the ground, but leave your hips on the ground), do the wall lunge stretch on our site (or the couch lunge that Kelly Starrett talks about), as far as SMR, do the core press, center quad rock & roll (pay special attention to the upper portion of your rectus femoris near where it attaches to your hip) and the QL Rotate and Press. If your hip flexors and lower back erectors are locked up, running will make them just plan hurt. Get your core healthier, and you’ll have better endurance so running should no longer cause your discomfort.

      Keep us posted, and good luck!

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