Just what is "Flossing?"

CP-Thigh1Unfortunately because of the popularity of some web videos, many people think applying elastic straps to the limbs or joints is called "flossing." The straps actually have little or nothing to do with the flossing process. Here is a good audio explanation of what "flossing" actually is.

It is actually a series of movements with specific joints and limbs to lengthen the nerve branches and "pull" them through the channels they are supposed to pass through easily. You should see a licensed therapist for instruction of which movements are safe and necessary for you and your specific needs. As mentioned in the audio clip you really should not explore flossing on your own with simply some web videos and your perception of pain as your guide. Flossing is AMAZING when needed and done properly! If practiced incorrectly it can irritate an already compromised nerve issue, if not lead to permanent nerve damage (which is what we would call a "bad" result).

All4The compression straps we use are safe and effective tools one uses to improve circulation locally with specific muscles in the arms or legs (click here for some instructional videos). Not only will the improved circulation help with function and recovery for almost every method of exercise, the immediate flush of circulation reduces spot sensitivity for the local muscles so that massage techniques are dramatically more comfortable.

Can you say "not-so-painful Quads Roll?"
Can you say "not-so-painful Quads Roll?"
This means a deeper, more effective self-massage with less pain and longer lasting results.

The more you know, the better your self-care results will be. Contact us to reach a Certified Alexander Method of SMR trainer to learn more!

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