Core Concepts

We utilized the following concepts to build the Alexander Method of SMR.

These physiologic processes, laws, and principles provide the foundational concepts to fully understand how to approach self-care in the safest, most effective manner possible.

We provide definitions and descriptions of the concepts below, as well as link to external sites when possible to offer more resources.

If we can help you understand the relationship of these concepts to each other and how to use them in managing your muscle issues, do not hesitate to call on us. You can sign up for one of our upcoming certifications at SMRCerts or email us at

We are here to help you get more out of your self-care efforts!

Davis's Law

soft tissue models along...

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Autogenic Inhibition

is a process whereby a sensor in the tendon (golgi tendon organ or GTO) sends a signal to...

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Stretch Reflex

the knee-jerk response your thigh does when...

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Relative Flexibility

using a combination of joints to accomplish...

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Reciprocal Inhibition

the process of one muscle activating (agonist) and causing...

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Arndt-Shultz Rule

(formerly Arndt-Shultz Law), relax and take...

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Law of Facilitation

the path of...

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