Iliopsoas Roll

8th Secondary -- Iliopsoas Roll
Use this SMR exercise AFTER the Quads Roll

This SMR exercise is a variation of the Psoas Press and Iliacus Press techniques to address the Psoas muscle and Iliacus in the Hip Flexors in the front of your hips & core. You may find this exercise easier.

If the Psoas Press or Iliacus Press are too intense to work with then practice the Iliopsoas Roll to more gently work out the "junk" in the front of your hips. It may take a month or two to help your muscles along to become healthy enough to handle the other two techniques (which are the preferred deep tissue SMR techniques for the iliopsoas group).

If you have tightness or discomfort of the hip, knee, or lower back, then this exercise is likely to help.
For written instructions, click here to download a printable PDF of the Iliopsoas Roll

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