Supported Angel

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20) Supported Angelclick here

This stretch is to the chest and shoulders what the Supported Corpse is to the hips and lower back. Many people develop an anterior rotation of the shoulders or a shoulder-forward posture as they age. This is one way to reverse some of that shortening of the muscles that cross the front of the shoulders. Much like with the Chin Tuck or the Supported Corpse, the hardest part of this stretch for some people is doing nothing for more than 2 minutes. By constantly moving the overactive muscles of the shoulders never truly shut down. This means they take much longer to ever lengthen and it will be harder to note progress.

Breathe deeply and feel your knuckles melt into the floor. When you feel your elbows also melt into the floor you are ready to raise your arms a little closer to your ears. 

Video coming soon.

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