Supine Hurdle

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19) Supine Hurdleclick here

Out of every stretch or functional movement we offer on this site this one is potentially the most dangerous. Why is it in our selection, then? Because it is a great test for the upper limit of Quads and hip flexor flexibility. If you can comfortably lay back with your foot tucked under your hip and your knee on the floor then you do not need to further lengthen your hip flexors or Quadriceps. It is better to use active stretches such as the Standing Rear Foot Grab or the Bench Lunge to initially lengthen your leg and hip muscles. When those stretches get easy to perform attempt the Wall Lunge with a hip flexor focus. After the Wall Lunge gets fairly easy, then you are likely ready for the Supine Hurdle.

Be sure to note your foot position before laying back. If you lack the plantar flexion to tuck your toes back under you prior to attempting to lay down, when you do lay backward you may injure your ankle or knee with the weight of your body applying too much torque to them. Check the notes for this stretch prior to attempting it. When you are ready this can be a great stretch in your routine (make sure you are ready).

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