Subscap Press

42nd Extended -- Subscap Press
Use this SMR exercise AFTER you do the Lats Roll and the Pecs Hand Press (or one of it's alternatives). 

This SMR exercise addresses one of the 4 rotator cuff muscles, the subscapularis.

If you have trouble with rotator cuff issues, especially frozen shoulder, then this exercise is for you!

Keep in mind that the lats and pectoralis minor muscles are involved in everything you do with the shoulder blade.

You will likely benefit from loosening knots in the subscapularis, but be sure you stretch out the lats and the pec minor or your issue is likely to come right back.
For written instructions, click here.

For video instructions (3:07), click here. (Updated video coming soon!)

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3 thoughts on “Subscap Press”

  1. Hi Jeff. I hope you are well. I am still practicing and getting better at the movements. little by little I am gaining more range of motion. I wanted to ask you specifically about “first rib” issues, which I think will be my most obstinate problems (esp on my left side). What are the best exercises for them or do you think there will be eventually be full release if I keep hitting the muscles from various angles and get better at SMR? thanks.

    1. Carl, you likely need to ‘dig in’ on the front side of your sternocleidomastoid and the anterior and medial scalene muscles…use the pecs and shoulder exercises to work on the tension below your collar bone and first rib, but take some time and get very familiar with the sides of your neck and the front of your neck just above your collar bone. Although we don’t yet have the exercise on our site for addressing the area on the front of your neck just above your collar bone, it is on our list of movements that will be added in the near future. Go ahead and do the neck nods for the back of your neck and the side neck rock to start hitting those scalenes. The anterior and medial scalene muscles attach to your first rib and can affect a number of neck/rib/sholder issues.

  2. thanks, Jeff. I appreciate the specifics. I will keep doing the nods and side rocks and look forward to the new stuff. considerinng that I am just getting started, I am coming along well. take care.

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