Pecs Roll

10th Secondary -- Pecs Roll
Use this SMR exercise to address the muscles in the front of your chest (primarily the pectoralis minor).

It is best if you practice the Lats Roll in conjunction with the Pecs Roll. Addressing both the lats and pecs in the same session maximizes the release possible in the largest muscles that limit your ability to raise your arm.

If you have trouble with rotator cuff issues, shoulder impingement, frozen shoulder, or just about any other discomfort in your shoulders or neck, then this exercise is for you!

The pectoralis minor muscle is involved in everything you do that involves the shoulder blade. When it locks up, all shoulder movements (and even some neck movements) are compromised.

You should do this movement at least once every 2 weeks. (more often is better) The Pecs Presses in the extended regions may also be necessary to get the best release. Practice all the pecs techniques in rotation over 10-14 days along with all of the shoulder techniques (Primary, Secondary, and Extended) when you are attempting to clear a shoulder issue that needs more attention.
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