Levator Floor Press

13th Secondary -- Levator Floor Press
Use this SMR exercise AFTER you do the Lats Roll and the Pecs Roll (or one of the Pecs Press alternatives). 

This SMR exercise addresses one of the 16 muscles attached to your shoulder blade, the levator scapulae. 

If you have trouble with neck pain or shoulder pain when you lift your arm, then this exercise is for you!

Keep in mind that the pectoralis minor muscle is involved in everything you do that involves the shoulder blade.

You will likely benefit from loosening knots in the levator scapulae, but be sure you stretch out the pec minor or your issue is likely to come right back.

You should do this movement at least once every 2 weeks. (more often is better)
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For video instructions, click here. (video from 2010--updated video is in the works!)

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