Wrist Extensors

brachioradialis -- 2016
Brachioradialis - Front

Pictured above is the brachioradialis muscle along with the other muscles located on the front of the forearm. It assists the biceps muscles by pulling your wrist toward your shoulder. It also helps stabilize the elbow during flexion or extension.

The muscles are layered, showing how some of the muscles are covered by the others. All of the muscles are see-through so that you can appreciate the location and size of each muscle relative to the others. You can access detail for all the muscles in the body with our Coach membership.

Click here for a list of all the muscles.

Click here to see the biceps muscles as a group.

The following muscles cross the elbow joint and attach to the shoulder blade (scapula) & the arm (radius or ulna), to the upper arm (humerus) & the arm (radius or ulna). Click the appropriate link for your interest.

Arm muscles that cross the elbow joint and flex the arm:

  1. Biceps Brachii
  2. Brachialis
  3. Brachioradialis - Front

Good luck working out those tight knots.

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Delts Press Wall & Floor

44th & 45th Extended -- Delts Press -- Wall/Floor
Use this SMR exercise AFTER you do the Lats Roll and the Pecs Roll (or one of it's alternatives). 

This SMR exercise addresses the three heads of the deltoid muscles.

If you have trouble lifting your arms overhead then this exercise is for you!

Keep in mind that the lats and pectoralis minor muscles are involved in everything you do with the shoulder blade.

You will likely benefit from loosening knots in the delts, but be sure you stretch out the lats and the pec minor or your issue is likely to come right back.
For written instructions, click here.

(Video coming soon!)

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