Supported Corpse

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21) Supported Corpseclick here

By far, this is the most highly recommended stretch to do for your lower back and hips every single day. This stretch will lengthen your hip flexors and relieve tension in your hips, lower back and mid-back. Regain full functional range of motion in the iliopsoas group and many other movement dysfunctions simply disappear.

Pair this stretch with the Psoas Press SMR technique to more quickly "unlock" the deepest of your hip flexors, the Psoas muscle.

Modify this stretch if you need to by slightly bending your knees or using a smaller support under the hips so the stretch isn't too aggressive for you. The primary concern is that you relax everything in your body while you lie supported at the hips. If your lower back is cramping or getting tighter as you lie with the support under your hips, then REMOVE the support!

Check our the Marching Corpse active stretch and combine it in a series of stretches to more quickly open up your hip flexors and maximize the effectiveness of the Supported Corpse.

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