Nose to Knees

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12) Nose to Kneesclick here

If you have a back lower back this stretch may be bad for you. If you try it and it hurts go see a therapist to get your back checked. The goal is to lay your chest on your thighs and your nose between your knees. It may take a while if you have not stretched for a long time. You should gradually notice each time you practice this stretch that it is easier and easier. The Standing Nose to Knees Active Stretch more easily allows you hips to rotate forward as you lean forward, but you may have trouble with balance if you try this stretch while standing. The Straddle stretches are all more advanced versions of this stretch and carry with them the same or more risk to your lower back. The Nose to Knees stretches more specifically addresses the Hamstrings when performed correctly, whereas the Straddle stretches tend to better address the adductors.

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