SMR for 091229

Here is a fascinating and easy-to-read over view of human tissue, Davis's Law, plyometrics, elasticity of tissues and plasticity:

Continue working on your "trouble area." What differences do you notice? Post comments regarding your progress.

SMR for 091228

The RF Flex SMR exercise for the quads.

Now that you have found your "trouble area," you need to work it every day until it is no longer your trouble area. If you don't yet know how to work through the muscles in that area, click here to download the SMR Introduction. You will get your best results by applying gently increasing levels of pressure to the tightest knots in your muscles for at least 30 seconds. Autogenic inhibition takes at least 20 seconds, but can take much longer. It is the physiological response that causes your muscle knots to relax.

It takes your muscles at least 3 weeks to remodel the number of sarcomeres (the smallest functional units within the muscles) so that the tight and shortened muscles stay lengthened and allow more functional movement, so STICK WITH IT!

SMR for 091227

If you don't know what your "trouble area" is, take about 15 minutes to find it...

This is the face you'll probably make when you find your trouble area.

Try to relax your body as much as possible while you lie on the massage ball with different parts of your body.  You'll find one area that is unusually tight (and probably the most sensitive, too). Remember to chase the area with the most tension, not necessarily the most pain.  A healthy, relaxed muscle will wrap around the ball to some degree. If you feel that you lie on the ball with one particular area and your muscle mass simply does not give at all, THAT is your spot!

Once you know your "trouble area," work it for as much time as it takes to get a significant release in that area. If the tight spot is in your center thigh or between your shoulder blades  (where everyone has a significant amount of muscle mass), when the muscle "gives" and you get that release you should feel the ball sink into your flesh as your body absorbs the ball and it is FAR more comfortable to lie on it.

Post your comments regarding how easy it is to find your tightest muscle, and how long it takes to let go.